Double M Recycling – Swanton, MD

Double M Recycling – Where You Pick It, You Pull It, and You SAVE BIG!

Double M Recycling’s self-service salvage yard has an extensive selection of low-cost, high-quality used car parts available for extraction. As your local “pick and pull” facility, we sell parts off of cars at a significant discount. When you roll up your sleeves and select and remove the parts you need yourself, you can stretch your vehicle maintenance budget so much further!

The salvage yard is open to the public during our regular business hours. If you are restoring a vehicle and looking for a certain part or are interested in spending an average of 90% LESS on a replacement part, you’re in the right place. When you pick and pull your own used auto parts, you always save!

What We Sell

High-Quality Salvage – Car, Truck, Van and SUV Parts

Our huge salvage yard is chock-full of thousands of quality usable parts for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs at incredible prices. From batteries and tires to starters, alternators, engines, transmissions, and salvageable fixer-uppers, you’ll find it here. We usually have everything from brand new makes and models to the occasional vehicle dating back decades, so feel free to stop in and check out our selection. Inventory changes often, so be sure to check back if you don’t see what you need and have some time to wait.

The Smart Choice for Used OEM Auto Parts

Shopping for used OEM car parts at Double M Recycling is the smart choice because our prices are fair and our staff is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service. Because inventory changes so often, it can be difficult to locate an exact part over the phone; however our employees try to be helpful and can often direct you to the general area of a specific salvage vehicle. Using quality salvage parts is also the eco-friendly choice you can feel good about. Not only do you save money, you help conserve energy and resources by reducing the demand to create new auto parts from virgin materials while preserving landfill space.

Picking Guidelines

How Does “U Pull It” Auto Part Collection Work?

When you visit our “U Pull It” salvage yard, you will search for your part and pay for the part on your way out. The Pick-N-Pull process is simple and straightforward. All parts on the lot are for sale. Just be sure to bring along the right tools (including a flashlight) and wear old clothing. Although we keep our yard clean and free of debris, searching for and collecting your replacement auto part can be a dirty process. We ask that you please be considerate while pulling your part to avoid damaging parts that someone else may be able to use.

Allow yourself plenty of time and enjoy getting a GREAT deal on your auto parts at Double M Recycling’s salvage yard!

We do not routinely pull parts ourselves. As a “pick and pull” facility, we welcome you to visit our facility and collect the parts you need at a significant cost savings. For more information about how our “Pick-N-Pull” service works, we invite you to call with any questions: 301-533-3500.