Updated Pricelist as of: October 24, 2018

Item Price
Aluminum Cans .30lb
Aluminum Siding .20lb
Aluminum Clip .20lb
Aluminum Cast & Sheet .10lb
Dirty Aluminum .10lb
Aluminum Rims (Clean) .30lb
#1 Copper 1.70lb
#2 Copper 1.50lb
Insulated Copper .40lb
Electric Motors .06lb
Compressors .06lb
Item Price
Brass .75lb
Brass Radiators .75lb
Alum./Copper Radiators .50lb
Dirty Brass or Al/Cu Radiators .20lb
Lead .25lb
Stainless (non-magnetic) .20lb
Auto Batteries 5.00/each
Industrial Batteries .15lb
Catalytic Converter (Full O.E.M) 20.00/each
Catalytic Converter (Aftermarket) 2.50/each
Item Price
Appliances/Sheet Metal 5.50/CWT
Whole Cars 6.00/CWT
Heavy Scrap 7.00/CWT
Whole Equip/Trucks 5.00/CWT
Gas Motor Blocks (whole) 6.00/CWT
Aluminum Transmissions 6.00/CWT
Prepared Steel (<5' x 2') 9.00/CWT

In an effort to provide you, the customer, with the best possible service to meet your scrap needs, we offer the following:

  • Demolition
  • Picker truck
  • MSHA certified torch operators and equipment operators
  • On site cutting of large items
  • We have scrap containers available for your commercial facility
  • “In House” self dumping hoppers