Non-Ferrous Price per lb.
Aluminum Cans $0.20
Aluminum Siding $0.15
Aluminum Clip $0.15
Aluminum Cast $0.15
Aluminum Sheet $0.10
Dirty Aluminum (any-type) $0.10
Aluminum Wheels (Clean) $0.25
#1 Copper $2.05
#2 Copper $1.85
Insulated Copper (+50%) $0.75
Electric Motors $0.06
Compressors $0.04
Brass (clean) $1.00
Brass (dirty) $0.50
Lead $0.20
Stainless (non-magnetic) $0.15
Stainless (dirty) $0.10
Auto Radiators $0.90
Alum./Copper Radiators $0.70
Dirty Radiators $0.20
Iron Price per cwt.
Appliances/Sheet Metal $2.50
Whole Cars* $5.50
Heavy Scrap $3.00
Whole Equip/Trucks $2.50
Aluminum Motor Blocks $4.00
Aluminum Transmissions $3.50
Prepared Steel (<4' x 2') $4.00
Batteries (auto) $6.00 each
Batteries (industrial) $0.12 per lb.
Catalytic Converter Full OEM $30.00 each
After - Market Convertor $5.00 each
Per/2,000 lbs
Appliances/Sheet Metal $50.00
Whole Cars* $110.00
Heavy Scrap $60.00
Whole Equip/Trucks $50.00
Gasoline Motor Blocks $80.00
Aluminum Transmissions $70.00
Prepared Steel (<4' x 2') $80.00

*Whole cars must include a battery, catalytic converter, and motor and/or transmission.

We pay 5 cents per pound premium for CLEAN Non-Ferrous items over 100 lbs. (Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Rads etc.)

NO split weighing for prepared materials. Material purchased for lowest grade in load. Split weighing permitted for shredder, mixed scrap or motors. We reserve the right to deduct for excess dirt, concrete, water or other non-metallics in any load.

Car Pick-up Service

Do you have an old junk car that you have been thinking about scrapping, but it doesn’t run? There is no need for you to arrange for a tow truck to deliver the vehicle to us. We offer convenient car pick-up service at your location anywhere in Garrett County, Maryland and surrounding areas*! Just let us know your location and the make and model of vehicle. Please be sure that the vehicle you are recycling meets the whole car specifications above. You must alert us to any discrepancies prior to dispatch. Contact Double M Recycling to schedule your fast and friendly pickup service. Call: 301-533-3500

*Call for details

Looking for Car Parts? We Have You Covered!

Double M Recycling’s “Pick-N-Pull” option is a great way to save money on car maintenance! We sell parts off of cars at a significantly discounted price versus what you would expect to pay retail or at a full-service yard – and we make the process easy for you. Our clean, well-organized yard is maintained for your safety and convenience. Learn more about how a few minutes of your time can significantly stretch your budget at our “pick and pull” facility in Swanton, Maryland.

Roll-off containers are available. Please call for details.