Double M Recycling
406 Swanton Road
Swanton MD 21561

THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT (“AGREEMENT”) is executed on the date stated above by and between DOUBLE M RECYCLING (“LANDLORD”) and the individual or business listed above (“TENANT”) for the purpose of renting the space listed above (“SPACE”) which is part of a larger facility. TENANT acknowledges and accepts the measurements assigned to the unit and has inspected the premises and finds the same in satisfactory condition and accepts the space and facility “AS IS.”


1) All contracts will be prorated so that the rent falls due on the first of the month
2) Partial monthly rentals after the first of the month constitute full monthly rentals. (no refunds will be issued for early move-out)
3) Beginning on the RENTAL AGREEMENT DATE stated above, the TENANT agrees to pay the LANDLORD as rent, the MONTHLY RENTAL CHARGE listed above, monthly, IN ADVANCE, on the 1ST DAY OF EACH MONTH, without demand, during the lease term. If payment of rent is not made in full by the 5th business day following due date, the TENANT shall pay the rent plus a late fee of $20.00 on or before the 15th calendar day after the original due date. Partial payments will not be accepted.

Remit payment to: Double M Recycling
406 Swanton Road Swanton MD 21561

3) Rent may be raised upon LANDLORD giving TENANT 30 days advance written notice.

4) Any checks returned for insufficient funds will result in a $30.00 service charge to TENANT and the returned check must be re-paid with cash, credit card or money order.

5) TENANT agrees to pay $30.00 as a security deposit, to be returned by the LANDLORD at the termination of the lease agreement contingent upon the return of the SPACE by the tenant in good order and condition with no physical damage and “broom clean.”


The TENANT agrees as follows:

1) TENANT will use the premises in a safe and lawful manner. Any damage to the property (for example but not limited to: buildings, doors, locks, fence etc) will result in fines.
2) TENANT hereby agrees to indemnify LANDLORD and hold it harmless from any LOSS, DAMAGE, EXPENSE, OR CLAIM arising out of TENANT’S acts or omissions to act; and the LANDLORD shall not be liable to TENANT for any LOSS or DAMAGE that may be occasioned by or through the act or omission to act of other TENANTS on the premises, or of any other person.
3) All property stored within the unit by TENANT shall be at TENANT’S sole risk. TENANT accepts all responsibility for loss of property due to fire, theft, or other cause not due to LANDLORD’S gross negligence. TENANT shall maintain insurance on his/her property if he/she so elects. LANDLORD does not maintain insurance coverage on TENANT’S property which TENANT acknowledges by his/her signature hereon. TENANT further assumes all risk of injury or death while on the premises and hereby releases LANDLORD from all liability for injuries/death sustained while on the premises. TENANT agrees that this release extends to any person(s) who may accompany TENANT to move/remove/relocate TENANT’S property stored in a unit. TENANT will further indemnify and hold LANDLORD harmless as to any injury or death sustained by TENANT or TENANT’S guests while on the premises. Access to units during inclement weather is at TENANT’S sole risk.
4) No other person or entity has an enforceable claim to the contents of TENANT’S SPACE. TENANT agrees to indemnify and defend LANDLORD against any claims from third parties arising from said third party(s) claim to ownership and/or possession of the contents.
5) TENANT will not assign this lease, nor sublet the premises, nor allow the SPACE to be used by others.
6) TENANT shall quietly deliver up the unit on the day of the termination of this agreement, for what ever reason, “broom clean” and in as good condition as the same when received, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and pay all sums due herein contained.
7) TENANT shall not bring into or keep or use in the storage compartment any gasoline and other flammable liquids, explosives, paint, piled clothing, rags, papers, unlawful goods of any kind, perishable foods, refuse, living animals or carcasses, or the storage of that which in a self storage unit violates the applicable zoning and fire regulations. Any TENANT who violates this provision shall be responsible for the full cost of removal/remediation of any hazardous material including but not limited to damage to the facility , cleanup fees, disposal fees, hazmat fees, attorney fees, fines and any other expenses resulting from said violation.
8) Only a maximum of 4 vehicle tires may be stored in each unit.
9) TENANT will honor the rights of all other tenants in possession of other storage compartments at LANDLORD’S facility.
10) TENANT shall not alter the SPACE in any way by installing shelves and/or driving hooks, screws, and nails, into the framework of the storage building and/or by adding letters, signs, advertisements or notices on any part of the storage building.,/br. 11) Any violation or breach of the above covenants of TENANT may result in fines.


TENANT acknowledges and agrees that TENANT’S personal property stored at the facility will be subject to a claim of lien in favor of LANDLORD from the date the monthly rental charge and other charges are due, and unpaid, and for expenses reasonably incurred in the sale or disposition of TENANTS stored personal property. TENANT agrees that LANDLORD may sell TENANT’S personal property in a reasonable manner after giving TENANT reasonable notice, in order to satisfy such lien. A sale of TENANT’S personal property stored in the space to satisfy the lien if TENANT is in default may be advertised (I) in a newspaper of general circulation in the jurisdiction where the sale is to be held (II) by electronic mail (III) or an online website.

Immediately upon non-payment of any of the rent after it becomes due or upon the breach of any of the other agreements herein contained, or upon the expiration of the term without renewal thereof, the storage compartment may solely, at LANDLORD’S option and without notice to TENANT, be locked by LANDLORD using LANDLORD’S lock.
TENANT hereby authorizes LANDLORD upon default of rental payment or other breach by TENANT to forcibly remove TENANT’S lock so that the storage compartment may be emptied. TENANT further authorizes LANDLORD, upon said breach by TENANT to either store the contents, without security; sell said contents, otherwise dispose of them or any combination thereof.
This storage agreement shall be automatically extended each month unless the TENANT, in writing, delivers to LANDLORD a written notice of its intention to terminate this agreement 15 days prior to the end of the then current rental month. LANDLORD has the sole and exclusive right to terminate this agreement for any reason by giving TENANT 15 days written notice. Abandonment of the unit by TENANT prior to the end of a month shall not entitle TENANT to a refund of rent.

No heat or other utilities provided

No smoking within units

Locks to be provided by TENANT
Double M Recycling
John A. Miller
Managing Member